Childbirth Companion

Doula Care & Educational Support


Childbirth Education

Customized, private sessions.

Labour Support

Personalized care throughout labour and birth.

Breastfeeding Assistance

Information sessions and in-home support.

Thank you for visiting Childbirth Companion!  I am happy to offer a variety of services to new and expectant parents.  Birth is a normal, natural event, and I am privileged to be an intricate part of such a momentous occasion!


Currently only offering education and breastfeeding support.

What's in your birth bag?

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In the month of May, celebrate doulas and the unique support that they provide to birthing families.

Stephanie Hayes, CD(DONA), Childbirth Educator

"Excellent support person: aided in making delivery more comfortable for patient. Great focusing techniques." - Dr. Singh

"Stephanie was the most effective doula I have ever met." - OB Nurse, Debbie

"Stephanie is a wonderful, caring person.  She makes an excellent doula!" - Lisa, satisfied client

"So glad Stephanie was there.  Doulas make my job easier." - Midwife


London, Ontario